June 10 - 12 Miss Read, Berlin
until May 22 Lubok exhibition, Schwandorf
May 20 - 22 Offprint London
May 7 Book presentation Evil is a squirrel, Leipzig
May 5 - 7 Ghent art Book Fair

New: Evil is a squirrel

Artist book with 320 black and white and 33 coloured images in offset print, designed by Marc Lotzmann
with numerous texts on the subject "the evil" (german/ english)

Released in association with the interdisciplinary exhibition project of the class Intermedia of the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig under the direction of Prof. Alba d'Urbano and Franz Alken and in cooperation with curator Angelika Richter, that dealt with "the Evil" between 2007 and 2009.

New: Hannah Regenberg - Catalogue

Catalogue with 61 black and white figures in offset print, designed by ARC
with a text by Magnus Klaue (german/ english)